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Our bodies are natural. Therefore natural ingredients can be more effective and easily absorbed by our skin.
It is about ethics for us at Oriad to select ingredients that are honestly harmless for your health without sacrificing effectiveness.
We love the balance between natural raw materials and plant-derived scientific formulas.
This unique combination aims for the best results while respecting your skin and the environment at the same time.
We use herbal oils and extracts exclusively of plant origin as well as natural raw materials from the Greek earth, famous for their beneficial properties. This powerful combination soothes, repairs and protects your skin against skin irritation, dehydration, breakouts, discoloration and natural aging.
Oriad Athens chooses certified natural and organic raw ingredients, and implements green practices throughout the whole creation process


Our products are made with compassion to animals and humans.
We make sure that no animal testing is performed, not only on our final products,
but also during the production of the ingredients we select or by any other third party supplier.
Because we care.


We are committed to our high standards, ensuring the quality, efficacy, and purity of each of our products.

We are also committed to our ingredient transparency and our mission to remove harmful and questionable ingredients from your skincare routine.

What’s more important than our health?


We have implemented a global research in order to source the finest plant-based active ingredients. Each one is carefully selected based on its clinically proven results as well as its herbal purity.

At Oriad Athens we use ultra-concentrated blends of bio-actives that self-adjust to your skin
offering unparalleled anti-aging results.
Certified by biotechnological laboratories in France and Switzerland, our advanced scientific formulas offer a combination of anti-aging, moisturizing and antioxidant properties, taking natural skincare to new levels.


Sustainability is maintained through responsibility. From clean ingredients and ethical production, to sustainable and recyclable packaging, we make sure to be responsible all the way.
We use glass bottles and jars for our products as well as sustainable accessories, 100 % recyclable and reusable. When your product is finished, please dispose of packaging in the recycle bin. You may also keep the full set box and reuse it for storing your personal items.


Oriad Athens | Premium Greek Natural Skincare

Our promise is to give back. Each purchase is a gift back to nature.

An amount of each purchase is being donated to non-profit environmental and animal protection organizations.

It is a way to show our gratitude to nature and what it gives us every day.

Our vision is to eliminate any negative environmental footprint and cherish the earth by giving back in any way we can.


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