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Oriad Athens | Premium Greek Natural Skincare

It all started at the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic lockdown brought a new situation to our lives. After many years, we had time. Time to think, to realize, to change. More than ever, our urgent need now was to improve our physical and mental health and feel closer to nature.

So, we decided to start an extensive research into the high-end skincare products we used to purchase and their ingredients. We were shocked with our findings. Our first thought was to create a skincare routine that meets our own personal needs, harmless to our health, the environment and animals while at the same time effective and luxurious.

However, only 2 months after our unofficial beginning, a malignant tumor diagnosis  convinced us that we had to share our story aiming to awaken the consumer public. Thus, we implemented our idea on a professional level, envisioning genuinely pure beauty products which do not lack efficacy and luxury.

With studies in Cosmetology, extensive personal work, the right partners and all the necessary certifications, the dream came true with a morally complete business identity.

This is how Oriad Athens was born, a Greek luxury brand of unisex skincare products that contain exclusively plant-based active ingredients of the highest quality, 100% toxic-free and 100% cruelty-free.

Our vision is for Oriad to create a motivational movement for consumers as well as the skincare industry itself. A movement built on trust and transparency so that we start taking better care of ourselves and the earth around us, while not sacrificing visible skin results and elegant aesthetics.

With love and respect,

Dora & Dafni
Oriad Athens | Premium Greek Natural Skincare


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